Cooperating Teachers’ Evaluation of the Student Teacher’s Class Experience

Final Evaluation


Candidate:         Beth Pilawski                Cooperating Teacher:    Julie Stinchcomb                       

Course:             EDU 631                                              Semester:          Spring 2005                  

School:  Sweetwater Middle                                                       Subject/Grade:   8th LA

Date:    May 12,2005                                                     College Supervisor:  Dr. Fadool 


Thank you for supporting our student teacher during their field placement. Please evaluate the performance of the student teacher with whom you have worked this semester. Your insights are a valuable resource for us in preparing our candidates for their future classrooms. Please evaluate the student teacher to the best of your ability.


Evaluation Scale:           5          Noteworthy evidence that student meets this criteria.

                                                4          Considerable evidence that student meets the criteria.

                                                3          Some evidence that student meets this criteria.

                                                2          Minimal evidence that student meets this criteria.

                                                1          No evidence that student meets this criteria.

                                                N/A      Criterion is not applicable or not observed.



Outcome 1

The teacher candidate has a strong background in the liberal arts, the structures of the discipline(s) she or he teaches, and can create learning experiences that make the subject matter meaningful for students.


Beth brings extreme content knowledge to the classroom.  5


The teacher candidate:

1.    has enthusiasm for the discipline(s) and sees connections to everyday life (D1.1.).

2.    is committed to continuous learning and engages in professional discourse about subject matter knowledge and children's learning of the discipline (D1.2.).


Beth is incredibly enthusiastic about student learning as well as teacher learning in the classroom.  Way to go!  5

Outcome 2

The teacher candidate is able to link research, theory and philosophy to understand how students learn and develop, and provide learning opportunities that support the development of all students.



Beth is constantly trying to figure out new ways to engage each type of student learner in the classroom.  5


The teacher candidate:

1.    shows respect for the diverse talents of all learners, and is committed to help them develop self-confidence and competence (D2.1.).

2.    uses students’ strengths as a basis for growth, and their errors as an opportunity for learning (D2.2.).


Beth uses multiple styles of teaching and an array of activities that allows each student to show off his/her talents.  5


Outcome 3

The teacher candidate understands how students differ in their approaches to learning and uses culturally responsive strategies to create a positive learning environment for all students that promotes the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills.


In our culturally diverse classroom, Beth is always eager to incorporate our students’ unique experiences to what we’re doing in class.  5


The teacher candidate:

1.    appreciates and values human diversity and shows respect for students’ varied talents and perspectives,

2.    respects students as individuals with differing personal and family backgrounds

3.    shows respect for students’ varied talents and perspectives


Beth is a shining example of what a respectful , caring educator should be.  She understands each student has an individual situation that may require special attention.  Excellent!  5

Outcome 4

The teacher candidate creates learning environments using a variety of communication techniques to support active inquiry, encourage positive social interaction and active engagement in learning


Beth is excellent at using a variety of technological and traditional methods to teach concepts in class.  5


The teacher candidate:

1.        recognizes the importance of peer relationships and creates a positive classroom climate where interpersonal relationships are established to promote individual and group learning (D4.1.).

2.        is committed to the continuous development of individual students' abilities and considers how different motivational strategies are likely to encourage this development for each student (D4.2.).

3.        values many ways in which people seek to communicate and encourages many modes of communication in the classroom (D4.3.).

4.        is a thoughtful and responsive listener (D4.4.).



What else can I say?  Beth has accepted the challenge of teaching in a “tough” classroom and has excelled.  I’m very proud of her.  If she can succeed in this classroom, she can succeed anywhere!  5

Outcome 5

The teacher candidate plans and manages instruction based upon knowledge of subject matter, students, the community, and curriculum goals.




The teacher candidate:

1.    values the development of students' critical thinking, independent problem solving, and performance capabilities (D5.1.).

2.    values the use of educational technology in the teaching and learning process (D5.2.).

3.    believes that plans must always be open to adjustment and revision based on student needs and changing circumstances (D5.3.).


Beth loves to challenge what students currently think and believe.  She loves to create ways for them to think “outside the box” or to put them selves into another’s shoes.  5

Outcome 6

The teacher candidate uses pedagogical knowledge of formal and informal assessment strategies to evaluate, and plan instruction for the promotion of students’ personal, social and intellectual development.


Beth uses traditional and non-traditional ways of assessing the students’ grasp of concepts taught in class.  5


The teacher candidate:

1.    values ongoing assessment as essential to the instructional process (D6.1.).

2.    is committed to using assessment to identify student strengths and areas of development (D6.2.).


Beth uses assessment results to drive her plans.  5

Outcome 7

The teacher candidate is a reflective practitioner who continually evaluates the effects of her or his choices and actions on others (students, parents, and other professionals in the learning community), and who actively seeks out opportunities to grow professionally.


Beth is constantly reflective of her practices in the class.  She is unafraid to change plans to increase success.  5


The teacher candidate:

1.    is committed to reflection, assessment, and learning as an ongoing process (D7.1.).

2.    is committed to seeking out, developing, and continually refining practices that address the individual needs of students (D7.2.).

3.    is willing to give and receive help (D7.3.).


Beth learned everyday in every class, just as her students did.  5

Outcome 8

The teacher candidate is respectful of the communities in which she or he works and actively collaborates with all stakeholders to achieve the common goal of students' learning and well-being.


Beth is a member of this community which helped her be successful in this environment.  5


The teacher candidate:

1.   values and appreciates the importance of all aspects of a child's experience (D8.1.).

2.   is willing to work with other professionals to improve the overall learning environment for students (D8.2.).    


Beth collaborated with another LA teacher to have a “Poetry Picnic” to showcase student work – excellent idea that I hope to adopt in the future.  5


Please check the description that you feel best characterizes this candidate at this point in her or his development:


This student has excelled as a student teacher.  She has demonstrated extraordinary initiative, creativity and insight into students, content and pedagogy in the planning and implementation of lessons.  The student reflects upon her successes and failures, and responds by making appropriate adjustments in her instruction.  The student has developed outstanding professional relationships with students and with faculty.  This candidate is highly qualified as a beginning teacher.


This student has more than adequately met all requirements of student teaching and is developing the skills of a beginning teacher.  Her level of reflection suggests that she is able to continue this development independently.  She has demonstrated the ability to plan and implement a variety of teaching strategies, and to adapt lessons to the individual needs of students.  This student is well qualified as a beginning teacher.


This student has adequately met all requirements of student teaching.  She has been present and completed all assigned tasks satisfactorily.  She has demonstrated limited ability to modify teaching behaviors in response to either reflection or others’ feedback.  Her conduct meets the minimum standards of the profession.  She is marginally qualified as a beginning teacher.


This student has not met the minimum requirements of student teaching. (Please attach a letter of explanation for this response.


What grade would you give this candidate for student teaching?     A


Teacher Candidate’s Signature:                                                                                                                                      

Cooperating Teacher’s Signature:    Julie Stinchcomb, SMS                                                                   

Date:       5/12/05