Dudley Sanders 

Department of Theatre and Dance, Agnes Scott College 

Selected Production Designs             1993-2006

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WileyPP13.jpg MiserPP12.jpg MidPP17.jpg
Wiley and the Hairy Man

Winter 2005
The Miser

Autumn 2005
A Midsummer Night's Dream

Autumn 2004
DumbPP01.jpg MaidsPP04.jpg CindPP29.jpg
The Dumbwaiter

Spring 2003
The Maids

Spring 2003
Cinderella Wore Combat Boots
Winter 2003
MemoPP01.jpg IndPP18.jpg JustSoPP15.jpg
The Memorandum

Autumn 2002

Spring 2002
Just So Stories

Winter 2002
FanPP02.jpg AlaPP01.jpg TempPP24.jpg
The Fantasticks

Autumn 2001
Alabama Rain

Spring 2001
The Tempest

Autumn 2000
FarnPP20.jpg EmpPP26.jpg AntPP01.jpg
Chase Me Up Farndale Avenue, s'il vous plait!
Spring 2000
The Emperor's New Clothes

Winter 2000

Autumn 1999
BrutePP20.jpg MamaPP31.jpg LadiesPP30.jpg
Once Upon a Brutebeast

Spring 1999
Mama Drama

Winter 1998
The Learned Ladies

Autumn 1997
LoosePP30.jpg AndPP26.jpg ParPP15.jpg
Loose Knit

Autumn 1996
Androcles and the Lion

Spring 1996
Parallel Lives

Winter 1996
EleePP27.jpg RumpPP03.jpg AgnesPP04.jpg

Autumn 1995

Spring 1995
Agnes of God

Winter 1995
VisitPP03.jpg DreamPP01.jpg PhaedraPP04.jpg
The Visit

Spring 1994
The Dreamnibbler

Winter 1994

Autumn 1993