Jim Wiseman
Department of Mathematics
Agnes Scott College

Tenure and Promotion Review Materials

Curriculum vitae

Statement on teaching

Statement on research

Statement on service

Professional activities reports

Sample teaching materials
Webpages (including syllabi) for all current and past courses
Slides from MAT 115 Statistics:  correlation and causation, hypothesis testing, ANOVA
End-of-semester projects:  MAT 115 Statistics, MAT 118 Calculus I, MAT 309 Differential Equations
In-class worksheets:  MAT 118 Calculus I, MAT 321 Abstract Algebra, MAT 325 Modeling

Summary of student evaluations of teaching


Sample talks
Women in Math and Science:  Examining Psychological Barriers to Learning (Center for Teaching and Learning, April 2007)
What Was it You Wanted?  The Art of Counting Ballots (ACME, November 2006)
Positive Expansiveness (Carolinas Dynamics Symposium, Davidson, NC, April 2006)

Internal grants
Women in Science and Math:  Examining Psychological Barriers to Learning (Center for Teaching and Learning, Summer 2006) proposal, report
Mathematical Modeling of the Spread of Disease (Bevier Public Health Initiative, Summer and Fall 2007) proposal

Webpages from conference sessions I co-organized
AMS-SIAM Special Session on Contemporary Dynamical Systems (Joint Mathematics Meetings, San Antonio, January 2006)
Special Session on Dynamical Systems (AMS Spring Southeastern Section Meeting, Davidson, NC, March 2007)