How to Create Box Fractal Design

  1. Select File\New\IFS (F5).
  2. Select the Design window (F4).
  3. Choose oriented box or square as the initial design.
  4. Select Design\Examples\Box Fractal
  5. In the new dialog box, choose a size.
  6. Click on the boxes you want to remove.
  7. Click on "Create IFS" when done. If the preview window is open you will see a rough approximation of the IFS image.
  8. You can copy the image to the clipboard with the standard Copy menu command (or type ctrl-C), or you can click in the picture box with the right mouse button to get a contextual menu with options to copy the image or save it to a file in gif, png, jpeg, or bitmap format.

Variations on box fractals can be obtained by using rotations of 90°, 180° or 270°; or horizontal and vertical reflections; or reflections about each diagonal. These seven actions, along with the identity (i.e. leave the square alone), make up the symmetry group of the square.

For example, the following design on the left (obtained by removing the upper right box for a 2x2 size, then rotating the lower left by 270° followed by a horizontal reflection, and rotating the lower right by 270°) produces the fractal image on the right.