How to Create Chaos Game Design

  1. Select File\New\Chaos Game (F6).
  2. Select the number of functions (each corresponding to a fixed point).
  3. In the Design window, click on the fixed points and move them with the mouse if necessary. If the grid is displayed, holding down the shift key will snap the fixed point to the nearest corner of the grid when you release the mouse button. You can also move a selected fixed point by holding down the shift key and using the arrow keys to indicate the direction to move. You can arrange the fixed points equally spaced around a circle by choosing Arrange Fixed Points in the Code menu.
  4. Use Design\New Transformation (ctrl-N) to create additional fixed points. You can also press the ctrl key and click with the left mouse button on the location for the new fixed point. If the grid is displayed, holding down the shift key while clicking the mouse will snap the fixed point to the nearest corner of the grid. You can also create a new fixed point in a random location by clicking on the toolbar button .
  5. For each fixed point, select a sequence of moves indicating how to move from the black dot relative to the fixed point. The location of the black reference point can be changed by pressing the ctrl key and clicking with the right mouse button.
  6. Moves can be entered by entering the values directly in the IFS window, by using the Chaos Game Moves dialog box (ctrl-M to open), or with the button on the toolbar at the bottom of the design window.

    The dropdown box will show the currently selected fixed point. Select the moves for that fixed point by placing a checkmark in the appropriate boxes. The sequence of moves will be displayed below. You can swap the order of two moves by clicking on each box.

    Two sliders are available to change the scaling factor and the rotation angle. Click on a slider to activate it (an active slider will have a solid border). Use the mouse to drag the slider to the desired value. The arrow keys and the Page Up/Down keys can also be used to make more precise adjustments to the value of the active slider. The rotation angle will always be rounded to an integer value if modified by the rotation slider.

    While the Chaos Game Moves dialog box is open, no editing can be done in the IFS window. In fact, the IFS window cannot even be selected by clicking in it or choosing its name in the Windows menu.

    The OK button will save the moves and close the dialog box. The Apply button will save the moves but keep the dialog box open. The Cancel button will revert the chaos game values back to the last saved values (either the values when the dialog box was opened or the values when the Apply button was last pressed.)

  7. Display the preview window if you want to see an approximation of what the final IFS image will look like as you design each move.
If you forget the mouse shortcuts for working with fixed points or the reference point, place the mouse over the text box in the lower right corner of the design window. The cursor will turn into a question mark. If you hold down the left mouse button, a popup window will remind you of the shortcuts.