How to Create or Modify a Design

  1. To creat a new design, select File\New\IFS (F5).
  2. Enter the number of functions in the IFS window.
  3. Select the Design window (F4).
  4. Choose an initial polygon to work with from the Design menu.
  5. Modify the transformations as desired: See the "design shortcuts" section for using the keyboard to transform the polygons. If you select "Show Preview" from the Design menu, you can see a rough preview of the IFS image (approximately 2000 plotted points) that changes immediately as you make a modification to a transformaton.
  6. Select Design\New Transformation (ctrl-N) to add an additional polygon. You may need to choose either Equal Probabilities or Proportional Probabilities from the Code menu to adjust the probabilities to include the new transformation. The latter bases the probabilities on the relative "size" of the transformations as measured by the determinant of the corresponding matrices.