How to Create a Deterministic Movie

When using the deterministic algorithm to create a fractal, you can construct a sequence of movie frames that step through a sequence of iterations. This is saved to a file as an animated gif and can be viewed in the Fractal Movie Viewer.
  1. Choose the Deterministic option from the Draw menu. Select an initial set and an appropriate options.
  2. Choose File/Create Deterministic Movie
  3. A dialog box will open in which you can select how many iterations to use (up to 30).
  4. The animated gif can be set to repeat indefinitely or to play a fixed number of times.
  5. Specify the frame rate in milliseconds. This is how long each frame will be visible before the next frame is shown. The default 100 is 1/10th of a second.
  6. The check box is used to select whether or not you want to see the animation in the Fractal Movie Viewer after it is created.
  7. Click on Go. This will open a Save dialog box in which you can specify a file name and location where the animated gif will be saved.
  8. You can click on the Stop button while the program is stepping through the iterations to stop the creation at the end of the current iteration. The program cannot be stopped in the middle of an iteration.
  9. If you had checked "Show Movie Viewer", the Fractal Movie Viewer will open after the last iteration so that you can play back the animation. Note that the Fractal Movie Viewer has its own controls for how often the animation is played and for the frame rate. The options that you set in the Create Det Movie dialog will apply only to the saved file (when viewed in a web browser, for example).
  10. You can use a separate program (for example, something like Jasc's Animation Shop for Windows or GIFfun for Macintosh) to set a different frame rate and looping options.

Important Note: Saving the animated gif requires that the file FreeImage.dll exist either in the same folder as the IFS Construction Kit program or in the windows/system folder. FreeImage.dll is included in the zip file for IFS Construction Kit that can be downloaded from