How to Trace an Orbit

  1. Tracing is only available when using the Random algorithm.
  2. Turn trace on from the Draw\Trace menu (or press ctrl-T).
  3. Ctrl-right click to select an initial point. For a more accurate placement, choose Set Initial Point from the Draw/Trace menu or press Ctrl-Alt-P to enter the x and y coordinates.
  4. Press the space bar to randomly pick one of the functions in the IFS which is then applied to the last point plotted.
  5. The default size of the points is 3 pixels. You can change the size by selecting Trace/Dot Size..." from the Draw menu.
  6. You can specify exactly which function will be executed in the next step of the orbit by typing the corresponding number for that function. IFS functions 1 to 9 are selected by typing the appropriate number. IFS functions 10 to 99 are selected by holding down the shift key and typing the two digits
  7. Choose Color Dots or Black Dots to specify how the points in the orbit will be colored. Colored Dots will use the color of the corresponding function from the IFS window.
  8. Turn the trace off from the Draw\Trace menu (or press ctrl-T). This will erase the points in the orbit.
  9. If you forget any of these instructions, you can place the mouse over the trace message box in the lower right corner of the Fractal window. The cursor will turn into a question mark. If you hold down the left mouse button, a popup window will remind you of the key steps in tracing.