Web Sites

  1. Classic Iterated Function Systems, Larry Riddle, Agnes Scott College
  2. The Dynamical Systems and Technology Project at Boston University. Lots of neat links, including Java Applets and fractal movies.
  3. Winfeed. Rick Parris's Peanut Software for drawing IFS and many other dynamical systems. The official site is no longer supported but you may be able to find the software online through a Google search.
  4. The Chaos Game. This is a java program that lets you play the "Chaos Game" with Sierpinski's Triangle. See if you can figure out how to win.
  5. Chaos in the Classroom. Excellent set of web pages by Bob Devaney about fractals, including the Sierpinski Triangle, self-similarity, and fractal dimension.
  6. Geometry of Self-Contacting Binary Fractal Trees by Benoit Mandelbrot and Michael Frame.
  7. Self-Contacting Binary Trees by Don West, Department of Mathematics, SUNY Plattsburgh.