How to Create a Fractal Movie

You can create two kinds of fractal movie.
  1. The first constructs a sequence of movie frames that evolve from the fractal for an initial IFS (first frame) to the fractal for a final IFS (last frame). The transformation from one fractal to the other is done either by a linear interpolation between the corresponding affine maps in each IFS, or between the scaling and rotation values corresponding to the affine maps in each IFS. If needed you can swap the positions of two maps in an IFS using "Swap Transformations" in the Design menu. If the same IFS is chosen for both the initial and final frames, then the transformation is obtained by selecting one of the maps in that IFS and rotating that map through 360 degrees while keeping the other maps unchanged. For details, see How to Create a Fractal Transformation Movie.
  2. When using the deterministic algorithm to create a fractal, you can construct a sequence of movie frames that step through the iterations based on the current IFS. This is saved to a file as an animated gif and can be viewed in the Fractal Movie Viewer. For details, see How to Create a Deterministic Fractal Movie.